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 Top Five Things You Should Know On How To Get Competitive Group Rates!


Texas group health insurance and "Economies of Scale" internet technology has greatly changed the dynamics of buying power for employers of all sizes.  This is especially true when securing affordable health insurance coverage for groups of employees.  Whether you are an employer or human resource director, choosing affordable coverage from your local resource (agent) has become difficult at best. Now you can have access to professionally licensed consultants and health insurance professionals with national clout.  Texas-Health-Insurance-Online.com has teamed with AIM Administration, Inc. to bring you the national volume of buying power for group health insurance.  Both companies span across the country providing coverage for thousands of insured's (references available upon request)

 By simply visiting with us today, you have the power of a national health insurance agency and COBRA administrator teaming together to deliver you economies of scale that results in lower group health insurance pricing (even with your current carrier) while increasing your benefit coverage. In most cases, we will be able to lower your costs and or improve your benefits with little to no effort on your part.  Or, you may request a group health insurance quote now.


   Request a quote now!


  Know the health conditions of your group.  The more medical information you gather such as medical records, current prognosis, current medications, planned treatments, pending procedures, etc, will greatly aid you in obtaining favorable rates.  We apply this highly effective principle for you.  We lay out a complete medical snap shot of your group medical demographics to an underwriter.  The more homework done the better an underwriter feels about releasing competitive rates!
  Consider the tax deductions you can gain as an employer to help offset your tax quarterly payments for the Internal Revenue Service and State taxes.  Getting a competitive rate is good to do. But you can take various tax incentives to your accountant for deeper discounts in your outlay!  We can discuss these savings with you and be sure to ask us about the federal program tax incentive called HRA (Healthcare reimbursement account).
  Consider taking advantage of Flex Spending Account and an HRA account combination. These are deeper discounts that can be applied towards employee and employer alike.  In some cases we can set up for you at no charge!
  Ask us to apply your company with a minimum of two insurance companies at the same time.  This highly effective method encourages market competition among the insurance carriers for your business.  Having a good relationship with underwriters!  It only takes a matter of minutes for your employees to complete a 2nd application and it saves you quite a bit in insurance premiums.  Put yourself in a bidding war.  The carrier that makes the best offer wins!
  Consider implementing new “employer sponsored” programs that are available and becoming very popular in the market.  We show you new trends of what similar employers are offering for benefits in your particular industry.  We also monitor up to date incentives approved by state and federal government.  There are many options and strategies that an employer can elect at affordable rates.  We can make recommendations on a case scenario for you.  Example may be adding dental to offset of pay raise pressures.  The dental premiums are 100% tax deductible and will not cause you a increase in your payroll tax like a pay raise would.


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