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Blue Cross: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas  
Coverage Types: Individual / Family / Self Employed / Group
Product Description: Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas -- BCBSTx.info is proud to report about the only statewide, customer-owned health insurer in Texas. BCBS of Texas is the largest provider of health benefits in the state, working with nearly 41,000 physicians and 405 hospitals to serve 4 million members in all 254 counties. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas is a Division of Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC), the country’s largest customer-owned health insurer and fourth largest health insurer overall. HCSC is a Mutual Legal Reserve Company and an Independent Licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.

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Humana: Humana Health Plans of Texas  
Coverage Types: Individual / Family / Self Employed / Group
Product Description: Humana has been a national carrier for nearly 40 years. About 15 years ago they merged with EMPLOYERS HEALTH. They also sold their hospital chain off throughout the country to focus on providing affordable health insurance products. Humana has left a positive mark in the country. They are welcomed as new health insurance providers here in Utah. They will definitely shake up the market with competitive pricing and unmatched technical services.

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Product Name: Group Health Insurance  
Coverage Types: HSAs / HRAs / Small Employer / Large
Product Description: Texas group health insurance and "Economies of Scale" internet technology has greatly changed the dynamics of buying power for employers of all sizes. This is especially true when securing affordable health insurance coverage for groups of employees. Whether you are an employer or human resource director, choosing affordable coverage from your local resource (agent) has become difficult at best. Now you can have access to professionally licensed life and health counselor and health insurance professionals with national clout. Texas-Health-Insurance-Online.com has teamed with AIM to bring you the national volume of buying power for group health insurance. Both companies span across the country providing coverage for thousands of insured's (references available upon request).

Product Name: Dental Select  
Coverages: Individual / Group
Product Description: Texas dental plans are unique from medical insurance plans because most medical expenses are unpredictable, high cost and an insurable risk. Most dental needs and treatments on the other hand are predictable and low risk. Dental disease is most often preventable and treatment begins with relatively low-cost diagnostic procedures, such as exams and x-rays. If decay or disease is detected, the sooner it is treated, the less expensive that treatment will be. The dental needs of an individual or group of employees are highly predictable.

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