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Texas health insurance - if you are looking for Texas health insurance there are several things you need to be aware of.

First with Texas health insurance it is important to understand "approval" vs. "decline".  This is a big point because you can be hurt by it! Health insurance policies are regulated by each state. Companies and policyholders alike must abide by established insurance laws.  But did you know that for Texas health insurance there are fewer regulations than most states – fewer regulations mean greater latitude for the insurance companies and less protection for the shopping consumer.

Second, if you have any pre-existing conditions, you must know how each Texas health insurance company will treat those specific conditions in the underwriting and coverage process. Some conditions may mean automatic rejection of your application.

Third, a rejection from an insurance company is a black mark that follows you for two years minimum. One mistake and you will find it hard if not impossible to get health insurance.

Fourth, many people believe they are saving money by going directly to insurance companies that operate online or found in the yellow pages.  This is an incorrect assumption.  Texas carriers require you to work with a contracted agent because they pay that agent to better serve you which lowers the overall cost of a insurance policy. Truthfully, there is no extra charge and you get added benefits with a local agent.  Shopping without the aid of a agent is much like going to court without a lawyer to represent your best interests.

There are many more gottchas , but the bottom line is you need to be represented by an agency that is an expert on health insurance laws and regulations for Texas ; Texas insurance companies’ policies and operating procedures; follows up with claims processing and re-enrollment; and does it all for free

That agency is Texas-Health-Insurance-Online.com!

We are pleased to be a local Texas agency and to represent, through our comprehensive website quality companies that provide health insurance in Texas. The companies that provide health insurance for Texans include BlueCross BlueShield, Humana, and PacifiCare Heath Plans. Use this page to access and compare these plans for your individual situation.

As you explore your Health Insurance options in Texas, Texas-Health-Insurance-Online.com is there for you.  As a local agency, we care about our reputation and our Texas residents and neighbors. We are contracted by these carriers to perform the field underwriting and policy submission at no charge to you. If you can't find the health insurance policy you're looking for, just give us a quick call or e-mail. We can help narrow down which carrier would best meet your needs.


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