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Group Health Insurance for Texas Companies

Group health insurance is obtained by most Americans through a family member’s job.  

Group health insurance is generally the least expensive kind and, in fact, many cases, the employer pays part or all of the cost. Group health insurance - when it comes to buying it , there is strength in numbers. And, big numbers have traditionally gotten the best deals. It is estimated that 70% of Americans obtained group health insurance coverage through their employers. Many of those employers are large companies with strong-arm power at the insurance bargaining table.

As a small-business owner, however, there is no reason to feel left out. Texas-Health-Insurance-Online.com has all the tools and experience to help you find  the highest quality group health insurance coverage at the best possible price.

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Small-group health insurance refers to the number of employees in a given company. It can be as many as 100, but is most often two to 50. In this market, health insurance prices have traditionally been based on two things:

  • Projected cost of medical services in a given geographic area

  • Projected utilization of services 

The first, cost projections are fairly stable across the country. But, the second consideration is localized to the company. Insurance companies estimate utilization of services based on factors ranging from the medical history of the company’s employees and their dependents to age and gender. These details affect plan premiums to the company and its employees. If an employee is considered a greater risk the group will usually pay a higher premium for insurance coverage.

To determine the second factor, the majority of small business health insurance companies use a process called underwriting. An underwriter analyzes risk factors, including the medical history of each individual, to estimate potential claims and determine a group's insurability.

How does this affect my company?

According Texas health insurance laws, small business health insurance must be sold to any small business with 2 to 50 employees and the same Texas small business health insurance policy the insurance company sells to other small businesses must be offered.

Texas health insurance companies can impose two requirements on small businesses wanting to buy health insurance.

First, health insurance companies may impose a minimum enrollment requirement for Texas small business health insurance. This means that a certain percentage of employees must purchase health insurance for the policy will be in effect.

Secondly, insurance companies can make it mandatory that the employer to pay a portion of each employee's premiums. Without this guarantee, the health insurance company can refuse coverage.

Besides regulating who is eligible for Texas small business health insurance, Texas health insurance laws don't extend much farther. Even though the degree to which they can increase is slightly limited, premiums can increase due to the group's health status and risk. But, Texas health insurance companies cannot cancel any Texas small business health insurance policy because of employee illness.

 But my company is so small!

Regardless of whether you are a small company or a Fortune 500 giant, you want to make sure you are getting your money's worth out of a health plan. It's important to weigh the pros and cons of each choice when selecting a plan. While premiums vary among different carriers, recognize that there can be substantial differences in the benefits provided and in the amount your employees must pay out-of-pocket for services.

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Texas Group Health Insurance