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Verify your rates within the county you live in from the drop down menu. Then choose a hospital deductible. With PacifiCare health insurance the deductible is triggered only by hospital billed charges.  (Note: generally, the higher the deductible, the less costly the insurance. However, you need to select a deductible that you would be able to meet, should you require hospitalization.  We can answer any questions you have about selecting a deductible that's right for you).

PacifiCare provides quality coverage for all of Texas.  You must be a Texas resident  to qualify for the direct carrier pricing below.   PacifiCare health insurance of Texas does extend  benefits to family members out of state attending college.  PacifiCare health insurance of Texas also provides world wide coverage in the event of a "limb" or "life threatening" emergency situation.  Please call us for details.  Remember, we provide you with life time service with PacifiCare health insurance of Texas!


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This other carrier is ideal if you need inexpensive quality coverage NOW while you wait for permanent coverage to be issued by IHC HEALTH INSURANCE.

We can issue you coverage in 10 minutes!

This coverage is also perfect for situations of "Cobra Alternatives" or "College Student" needs.  It is recommended that you enroll here first because your coverage is active at midnight.  Then we have you apply with Utah insurance carriers for a more permanent coverage.

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