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What can you do about the huge amounts of health insurance "out of pocket expenses" you incur at the hospital or with Utah doctors?

First of all lets define what "out of pocket" expenses means.  Now, that you clicked through our insurance terminology definitions lets look at an example.  I have a close friend that seems to spend most of his time in the hospital.  He meets his deductible usually in the first three weeks of January.  Than he spends the next few months paying his 20% of remaining bills because he is on a traditional utah health insurance 80/20 coverage.  Because he is very ill he has allot of miscellaneous minor insurance expenses not covered because they are considered "elective".  That is another article we intend to write.

Before long his medical bills amount to nearly $150,000 or which he is responsible for around $10,000 (he has a high deductible).  Well....what does one do when you owe that much?  Collections begin calling and it quickly becomes a nightmare.