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  Health Insurance in Texas
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Health insurance in Texas can be very confusing to purchase. There are many questions to ask as you compare health insurance companies. Even though companies that sell health insurance are controlled by Texas laws and regulations, their coverage options can be very different. For example

 “Am I eligible to be covered?”

Health insurance in Texas Eligibility – for the most part, companies that sell individual health plans in Texas can to turn you down because of your health status and other factors.  When applying for individual health insurance in Texas , you will be asked questions about health conditions you currently have or had in the past.  Depending on your health status, insurers and HMOs might refuse to sell you coverage or offer to sell you a policy that has limitations on what it covers

“What will my Texas Health Plan cover?"

There are no laws or regulations that tell insurance companies to sell standardized plans. So the coverage really depends on you. What do you want and how much are you wiling to pay for it? Even though health insurance companies in Texas are required to provide written descriptions of what their various plans cover, since there is not standardization of plans – comparison is a very time consuming and tedious effort.

“What will it cost?"

Well… it depends! The cost of  premiums are based on your classification. Classes are determined by your age, sex, and health status. It also depends on which plan of coverage you are buying. As you have already guessed, health insurance in Texas can be very affordable or very expensive. Depending on your class and health condition health, coverage could be very expensive. But it also can be very expensive depending on the coverage that you sign up for, so you have to choose very carefully.

“So now I’m covered, do I have to worry about cancellation?”

Well first of all to put your mind at ease, with Texas health insurance companies, they cannot cancel your policy due to illness. This regulation is called guaranteed renewal. As long as your insurance company stays in business and doesn’t discontinue your plan; and you make your payments on time, continue to live in the area of service, and don’t lie to, steal from, or cheat the insurance company; you can renew your policy.

“But at what price?”

If you become ill and have to renew your policy, insurance companies must give you the renewal, but they are allow to raise your premium. Based on your situation, they reclassify you because they have to offer the same prices to everyone within a classification.  

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Health Insurance in Texas