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  1. How do I...
    Apply for coverage?
    Get coverage for just my kids?
    Apply for state insurance programs?

  2. Where can I find ...
    See what plans my doctor takes?
    Certificate of Coverage Letter?
    Good old insurance info facts?
  3. Why doesn't ...
    Everybody get approved for private health insurance ?
  4. Who is ...
  5. What is ...
    Field Underwriter
  6. When is ...
    Effective date of the new coverage?
    It safe to cancel my old coverage

How do I ... ?

Apply for Coverage? The best way to accomplish this would be to visit this page and follow the steps.

Get coverage for just my kids? The two carriers that have the best benefit and pricing level are HumanaOne and BlueCross BlueShield of Texas. HumanaOne will allow you to lump more than one child together to get a family group discount.

Apply for state insurance programs? There are times that you may need to apply through the state services to qualify for coverage based upon your income level. An example would be....currently pregnant with no insurance and I don't have access to coverage through work. If your income is low enough you would qualify for Medicaid. Or you may be unemployed and you are looking for CHIP for the children. Go here to benefit from state based service website that we are proud to be partnered with these programs

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Where can I find ... ?


What plan does my doctor take?

  • We recommend you call your doctor.

Certificate of Credible Coverage? You don't need this particular document to submit to us at the time of your application. However, we will need it once you get approved. This certificate proves you had prior coverage that has not lapsed more than 63 days. This allows your pre-existing conditions to be covered. If you did not have prior coverage within 63 days of your approval date with us than you may be subject to a waiting period for your pre-existing medical condition.

Good old fashion insurance facts?

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Why doesn't ... ?

Everybody get approved for coverage? In Texas and particularly with individual or family policies it can be difficult to get approved. The reasons vary, but mostly have to do with health conditions in your past or medical issues you are dealing with now. What makes Texas-Health-Insurance-Online.com different from all the rest is that we are plugged into the private and state insurance routes. We know where you will qualify for coverage. In most cases we can guarantee you access to coverage somewhere. Mike Oliphant also works with the State Insurance Task Force to improve the environment of approvals in Utah through legislation. Mike serves on the board with www.uahu.org.

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Who is ... ?

Texas-Health-Insurance-Online.com, BenefitsManager.net.  These are all from the same source. That source being Mike Oliphant. BenefitsManager.net is the main mother website and the oldest health insurance source in Utah. Texas-Health-Insurance-Online.com was created for name recognition in search internet engines. This site services our Texas clientele. Mike started his carrier in Texas nearly 19 years ago

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What is ... ?

An agent or agency is a required license designation by Texas. This name will shortly be changed to "Producer". A insurance agent or agency IS NOT the same thing as a reality agent. When you buy a home you pay a one time commission fee. When you buy a insurance policy, an agent is paid a servicing fee.  This is not the same cost when you go about selling or buying your home where you loose money in commission points. Agents or agency fees do not increase the cost of your policy. This is part of the administration fees that health insurance carriers budget to better service people going through the application process. This is the most efficient and cost effective system used currently to manage the explanation and ongoing support for health insurance policies. Health insurance carriers cannot afford to hire the payroll personnel to service you in house. It is in your best interest to deal with a neutral field underwriting source such as us. Mike Oliphant is a Health Underwriter through National Association of Health Underwriters. This means his experience as a field underwriter benefits you with his continued education requirements with approval and servicing issues. A field underwriter is under high demand in Texas as Mike will confirm.

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When is ... ?

Your effective date is usually the 1st of the month following your application date. Carriers such as BlueCross BlueShield and Humana will normally issue the 1st day of the month following your application unless otherwise designated choice. Your submission deadline to qualify for the first is no latter than the 25th of the month.

Carrier such as Humana and Assurant Health will issue effective dates on any given day of the month as long as it is not retroactive to your application date.


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