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  • Multi-spinal cord injury due to fall from tree- male age 45

          Premiums paid: $266.40

             Total claims for injury: $623,529.99

  • Broken leg due to fall off of bike- female, age 27                  
             Premium paid: $62.70
             Total claims for injury: $11,048.76
  • Multiple injuries from motor vehicle accident- male, age 26 
          Premium paid: $379.62
             Total claims for injury: $38,029.28
  • Multiple injuries due to fall from roof- male, age 22
             Premium paid: $186.48
             Total claims for injury: $38,654.63
  • Heart Attack, renal and respiratory failure- male, age 64

          Premium paid: $595.70
          Total claims for illness: $240,669.76

  • Kidney stones- female, age 27

          Premium Paid: $120.18
          Total claims for illness: $25,793.31

  • Pneumonia-male, age 39  

          Premium paid: $218.70
          Total claims for illness: $14,339.43

  • Lung cancer- male, age 51    

          Premium paid: $899.10
          Total claims for illness: $247,484.17


John Alden Temp Insurance Coverage


Click on the JohnAlden symbol to get quote! If you have trouble getting issued please call.  We are local & just a phone call away! 

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