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What Are The Qualifications For Group Insurance or Self Employed small group in Utah?


You must file a quarterly tax & wage statement under your company name with Texas.  John Alden, Fortis, Humana,  BlueCross BlueShield, and United Health Care will not accept you if you are part of an employee-leasing firm. If you have questions please send us an email.
In most cases, many of the insurance carriers require the employer to fund a minimal of 50% of premium.  Some of the companies require an minimum of 75% of the single rate (which is less than 50% of family rates).  Your company can always fund above the minimum.  Many employers make a determination based upon budget and tax deduction incentives.  If you have questions please send us an email.  We can save you money currently without having to change your established group health plan.
We can save you money now if you let us take over your case (approximately 15%)!
If you have established a current group health plan and wish to replace it with better coverage we can help you!  Making this transition is of paramount importance.  To assure that you do not have a disruption in care and do not get pre-existing clauses placed upon you, make sure we administer the change.

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