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    To receive a one hour free counsel ($195 value) simply contact us by completing request form.  In most cases, we will be able to lower your costs and or improve your benefits with little to no effort on your part. 

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Texas group health insurance and "Economies of Scale" internet technology has greatly changed the dynamics of buying power for employers of all sizes.  This is especially true when securing affordable health insurance coverage for groups of employees.  Whether you are an employer or human resource director, choosing affordable coverage from your local resource (agent) has become difficult at best. Now you can have access to professionally licensed life and health insurance professionals with national clout. has teamed with major health insurance carriers to bring you the national volume of buying power for Texas group health insurance.  Jupiter COBRA Administrators, Inc provides comprehensive COBRA administration free of charge in most cases (dependent of your group size and certain parameters).  By using the services of Jupiter COBRA Administrators, you remove the inherent COBRA administration risks associated.

By visiting with us today, you'll have the advantages of an health insurance agent's perspective and suggestions with carriers teaming together to deliver you economies of scale that results in lower Texas group health insurance pricing (even with your current carrier) while increasing your benefit coverage.  In most cases, we will be able to lower your costs and or improve your benefits with little to no effort on your part.

We create a "rate spreadsheet" of available health insurance carrier rates. The insurance rates will reflect the overall health conditions and demographics of your company.  Meaning it just won't be a "quote".  It will be "guaranteed quote".  There is a big difference between a "quote" and a "guaranteed quote".  A "quote" is just a basic rate. A "guaranteed quote" is what you really need to know up front. Keep in mind that we just don't calculate.  We do the necessary homework in personally meeting with the various underwriters to make your case and submit you optimally for the very best price.  We'll rank the carriers in order of importance, to help you decipher which carrier is the best for the benefit level you are looking for. This really makes your job easier!  It is a process we will walk you through.

Bid for The Best Offer: After your review of the "rate spreadsheet" that will come to you via email.  You should identify at least two favorable insurance carriers.  We than take the second step and help you apply with both carriers.  This strategically puts you into a competitive situation where two insurance carriers are bidding over your case.  The best offer wins and you simply accept or reject!  To read more details about the strategy we implement <Click Here>

We assist with your company's transition into the "winning insurance policy" to assure proper set up of all pre-existing credits due to you and assure nobody suffers penalty through the change process.  "Pre-existing credits" refer to items such as pre-existing conditions.  If you are replacing an existing group health insurance policy the new insurance carrier has to cover any medical conditions present for those that have been covered continually for twelve months which has not had a lapse in coverage greater than 63 days.

What are our fees?
You pay nothing for our services because we are contracted by the largest and most popular carriers to take care of you with the field underwriting as well as continual policy service for most group sizes.  If you are a large employer and are wishing life and health counsel services please indicate for bid request.  Large employers will likely qualify for our free COBRA administration.

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