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What to expect financially if critical or terminal illness calls.
How an "Accelerated Death Benefit" can help!


The good news is that people are living longer and in many cases overcoming "critical or terminal diagnosis" through successful medical treatments.

However, the bad news is for those that survive they are left in financial devastation (debt, lost homes, second mortgages). Unexpected debt creeps up on you with "out of pocket costs" from your insurance plan's deductibles, copays and coinsurance limits. In many cases, your health insurance premiums skyrocket over time.  Even after you have received a clean bill of health, your premiums will increase substantially over time on your anniversary (irregardless). Even more of a problem is that many other carriers will decline coverage for a personal plan when you go out to shop. I can't tell you of the hundreds of people I have worked with over the years in helping them deal with this problem. Many clients are forced to go back to work to seek employer coverage (irregardless of how they feel). All being said....I decided to track down a plan that is affordable and couple it with life insurance which everyone needs.  Many hours of worry and debate can be avoided by simply planning to include....Accelerated Death Benefit Rider

What is it?
It is a term life insurance policy with an rider called "Accelerated Death Benefits" - You may receive 75% of your insurance amount in advance - up to $250,000 - in the event of terminal illness (We advise our clients to purchase this coverage to fund your health insurance premiums and out of pocket costs. Expenses sky rocket overall when treating terminal illness. Experimental treatments are not normally covered by insurance policies...so the cash comes in handy to pay for that as well as expenses in general. All too many times, I see clients devastated financially because of mounting bills in these situations. Remember that statistically you will live longer rather than pass accidentally due to medical technology).

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Why do I recommend this product? Over the years I have seen many clientele unfortunately fall into bad health. I mean, extremely serious stuff like cancer, debilitating strokes, disease, etc. The trend I see as I stay close with these clients is as follows>

1) Their health insurance policy does pay a majority of the claims. BUT it does not cover experimental treatments which I see many clientele try which runs into the thousands. Many of these treatments are successful and have extended life and quality of it.

2) That opens the door of "financial hardship"....people are living longer despite being diagnosed from terminal to critical illnesses. To live longer is great BUT to afford the many out of pocket costs associated can devastate a family.

3) All too often I see health insurance premiums skyrocket into several thousand dollars a month to continue coverage of expensive medical bills.

Solve these three main problems by having a very affordable life insurance policy that has an "Accelerated Death Benefit" rider built in. Please be expecting an email titled "Instructions for applying" to arrive shortly. I will also follow up at a latter date with you on some more helpful tips. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.